Hi there!

Thanks for dropping by. I’m glad you’re here! This is my music website where you can find out all about me and my tunes.

I am a singer-songwriter currently hanging out in Dallas, Texas, where I work full time as a recruiter for a really cool start-up. But when I’m not helping people find jobs, I am writing songs. Lots of them.

My songs are written about real true stories except for when they aren’t. And to be honest, that is the fun in it. I like the mystery behind my lyrics – because you will never know who I am talking about!

Recently, I had the idea to put together a song blog. Since songwriting is my way of journaling or expressing emotions, I figured it would be fun to share my life updates via songs. If you don’t want to miss out whenever I post a new song, you can subscribe below. I’d highly recommend it.

Either way, thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoy my music. And if you’re ever in Dallas, let me know! Maybe I’ll write you a song.