About Me

Megan Levering is a singer-songwriter located in Dallas, Texas.

Megan started playing guitar when she was 12 years old and was told by her mom she had to pick an instrument to learn. Reluctantly, she decided on the guitar. Within weeks, she was hooked and would play for hours a day. One day when she was tired of playing songs other people had already written, she began writing her own songs.

Now Megan has written and released two original records produced by Chris Cullins, Megan Levering EP (2011) and Pieces of My Heart, an Acoustic Album (2013). Megan also has played concerts and shows all around Texas in venues as big as the Toyota Center down to local philanthropic events during her time attending Texas A&M.

Megan has written over 300 songs and continues writing constantly. While she enjoys singing, playing her guitar, ukulele, and piano, her main passion lies with the art of writing a song. She believes as long as she lives she will never stop writing. Now she continues to write and release music digitally on her social media networks. She can also be found playing at local venues around Texas.